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The friendly dragons have been bound to earth with dark magic! You have the chance to save the dragons with our radiant heroine Mila.

Throughout more than 70 levels you'll experience four fantastic environments and more than a dozen amazing powerups. Dragon Portals features truly innovative game mechanics, three different game modes, beautiful worlds, alluring musical soundscapes, and a radiant atmosphere. These qualities make this superb puzzle game a must have for everyone who likes their games fresh, fun, and beautiful.


Breath of fire

"Dragon Portals achieves innovation where dozens of games have failed, brilliantly taking the familiar match-three formula and breathing fire into it."

Dragon Portals Review

"Solid match-three puzzle concept. Environments feel like colorful, interactive paintings. Asian-themed score is compelling and dynamic."

Dragon Portals HD - TouchPad

"Overall, this is an enjoyable puzzle game and will keep you playing for a long time."