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"Some people just jog in the wrong place at the wrong time." -Coach Goreman

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Grim Joggers is an addictive running game where you control multiple characters instead of one. It's an arcade-style survival game with online leaderboards and achievements. It's jogging become bloodsport.

  • Three unique worlds
  • Several ways to die
  • Extreme playability
  • Universal App
  • Over two dozen Game Center achievements
  • Game Center leaderboards
  • Probably the most brutal jogging game out there
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Fun for those who love jogging or hate jogging

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Risk your life to burn some calories

"The fantastic scoring system and randomly generated levels give the game a ton of replay value."
Touch Arcade

A fun pick-up-and-play title

"What you get is Canabalt meets Lemmings, as you furiously attempt to keep as many Joggers in play as possible and for as long as possible. "