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A handtastic puzzle game unlike anything you've ever seen before!

Enter the Whispering Woods and meet the Peablins! They are curious little creatures who share a common belief: hold hands with your friends and the Bogeyman won't take you. This has worked as long as they can remember so it must be true. Join the Peablins on their quest to find all their siblings and cousins!

Basic gameplay: drag and drop the Peablins so that all the hands in the level are joined and all the Peablins are happy. And remember: Leave no hand behind!


  • Simple and inventive
  • Several kinds of Peablins that require different approaches
  • Super cute high resolution graphics
  • Hilarious sound effects
  • Dozens of hand made levels
  • No time limits, no enemies, no pressure. Just one more level...

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Level guide by Jose Doorstein


Creature comforts

"Joining Hands offers a new idea, and one that works really well on the iPhone or iPad's touchscreen."

Lovable puzzler of hand-holding triumph

"Rounding out this delightful title are Retina quality graphics, plus enjoyable animations, sounds, and music."

Joining Hands is challenging and unique

"Joining Hands will have a place on my iPad and iPod touch for quite some time."

Handholding Has Its Logic

"The gameplay is virtually flawless and the concept is fresh and habit forming."

Nearly Perfect Puzzle Game

"We will write as little as possible. Just open the Android Market and download Joining Hands. You will have lots and lots of fun. Really, go, now!"

Joining Hands iPhone Review

"All in all, Joining Hands is a unique puzzler thatís ideal for people who like to ponder. Itís packed with hours of content, polish and charm. I highly recommend it."