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Puzkend is a puzzle game set in the wonderful subterranean world of Azkend 2.

Your goal is to clear the game board by matching similar items into strings of three or more. The matched items will disappear. To succeed, you need to to anticipate the effects of your moves. As matched items are removed, the remaining items will fall and roll down. There's no time limit and no need to worry about making mistakes, as you can always go back as many moves you like. Make sure you can match all the items!

Puzkend includes dozens of levels with difficulties ranging from compact casual puzzles to huge and epic brain twisters.

  • Crystal clear Retina graphics
  • Puzzle oriented match-3 gameplay with an original twist
  • Unlimited undo feature for stress-free puzzle solving
  • No time limit equals relaxed puzzling fun
  • Features the exotic subterranean world of Azkend 2



TUAW Mac Game of the Week, October 2012

"Families should enjoy it as well, as almost anyone can pick up and play. But "casual" doesn't mean "throwaway." There's enough thought and depth behind Puzkend that even hardcore puzzle players will likely enjoy giving it a few clicks."