Game Programmer

Apply before 10.10.2014

We're looking for a programmer to join our team. The main task is to act as the core game programmer in a new title to be released on multiple platforms including PS4, PS Vita, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. There may also be some design work.

The position is full-time and the work will be done on-site in Tampere, Finland. The work related to this position is projected to start around October 2014. The programmer will join a small core team in charge of creating a multiplatform hit game targeted at customers who love games like Crimsonland, Deus Ex, Hotline Miami, and Nuclear Throne.

We require the following

  • Hobby or professional experience in game programming and development
  • Famialiar with C/C++ and OOP
  • Self-directed and organized
  • Fluent English skills: reading and writing
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Strong teamwork skills and a proactive attitude

The following attributes may be of advantage but not required
  • Released commercial products or hobbyist games
  • Basic knowledge of AI topics like path finding, boids, steering behavior etc.
  • Experience in LUA or Squirrel scripting
  • Experience in console games or iPhone/Android app development
  • General experience in games both as a developer and a consumer

What to Expect at 10tons
  • Interesting in-house game development projects
  • Work with all the latest platforms and distribution channels
  • Highly skilled and effective teams focused on creating new original multiplatform games
  • Offices at the heart of Tampere

How to apply?
  • Send an application to jobs2014(at)10tons(dot)com. Do not send attachments but include links to relevant material like own playable game projects. Important: Include the first 9 characters from the variable "result" at the end of the theFunction below on the subject line of the e-mail.

void theFunction ()
    char original[32];

    sprintf(original, "%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c%c", 21,24,28,28,8,73,76,76,74,-52);

    char result[32];
    memset(result, 0, 32);
    char key = 'v';

    int size = 0;
    while(original[size] != 0)
    int temp;

    for (temp = 0; temp < size; temp++)
        result[temp] = original[temp] ^ (int(key) + temp) % 255;