10tons' Jules Verne Inspired Match-3 Adventure Azkend 2 Now Available for iOS, PC & Mac

TAMPERE, Finland – March 14th, 2012 – Azkend 2: The World Beneath tells an extraordinary story of adventure and discovery. The game will take the player deep into the bowels of earth and waltz him through some of the most awe inspiring scenes ever seen in a puzzle game. The game includes eight gorgeous hand drawn and animated full screen scenes and a blockbuster soundtrack by Jonathan Geer.

"We're happy to have created such a beautiful and entertaining game. It’s a cliche, but we hope that that players will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed creating it. We'll also have a couple of interesting Azkend-related events to celebrate the release of the sequel. Visit us at 10tons.com, Facebook, or Twitter to get the latest news.", said Sampo Töyssy of 10tons.

The most important part of Azkend 2 is the Adventure. The Adventure levels include a lot of classic Azkend action puzzling: string together items and make matches until the whole board turns blue. In addition there are new level types like the Bugs. In a Bugs-level the player has to match around moving bugs and prevent them from reaching the top of the board. In total there are 6 unique level styles. Throughout the adventure the player travels through eight unique scenes and uncovers countless subterranean secrets.

There are also two other game modes: Time- and Medal-challenges. In the Time-challenge the player has to score as much points as possible within a limited time. On iOS this mode supports Game Center. In the Medal-challenge the player can replay the levels and try to gain a medal from each level. A medal is gained if the player can finish the level before roughly half of the allotted time has passed.

The game is now available on iOS, PC, and Mac. The PC and Mac version is available from gamehouse.com and the iOS version is available on the iTunes App Store.

The iOS version comes in two varieties: HD version that works on all iOS devices and standard version that works on iPhones and iPod touches. The HD version will receive a retina update for the new iPad very soon. The normal price for the HD version is USD 5.99 and for the standard version USD 3.99.

There is a limited amount of iOS promo codes available for each version. Please contact sampot (at) 10tons (dot) com for more information and promo codes


Azkend 2 HD on iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/azkend-2-hd-the-world-beneath/id479473391
Azkend 2 on iTunes App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/azkend-2-the-world-beneath/id479473472
Azkend 2 for PC: http://www.gamehouse.com/download-games/azkend-2-the-world-beneath
Azkend 2 for Mac: http://www.gamehouse.com/mac-games/macintosh-azkend-2-the-world-beneath
Azkend 2 trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3sXMmrDEBg
Azkend 2 screenshots & more information: http://www.10tons.com/Game/azkend2

About 10tons Ltd

10tons Ltd is a Finnish game development studio with a mission to create awesome games and bring them to all suitable platforms. 10tons was founded in 2003 and since then it has released two dozen games on numerous different platforms. Their creations include games like Ironworm, Joining Hands, Sparkle, and Azkend. To find out more, please visit 10tons.com. You can also follow 10tons on Twitter @10tonsLtd or visit the Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/10tons.


For more information, download codes and interview requests:
Jaakko Maaniemi, PR Coordinator, 10tons Ltd.

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