Boom Brigade 2 Splatters Alien Guts All Over iOS Devices

TAMPERE, Finland – June 21st, 2012 – Award-winning game developer 10tons Ltd. launched today the action strategy game Boom Brigade 2 for iOS devices. A supercharged sequel to the Top 10 iTunes App Store hit, Boom Brigade 2 is a unique hybrid of tower defense and line drawing gameplay.

”Fans of Boom Brigade have wished for a sequel for such a long time that we almost feel bad we weren't able to do this sooner. Today we're confident they'll find Boom Bridage 2 worth the wait. Initial feedback from the people who have tried the game has been great.” commented Sampo Töyssy, Vice CEO of 10tons Ltd.

In Boom Brigade 2 the player is thrown into combat with wave after wave of blood thirsty aliens. Depicted from a top-down perspective, the player controls a handful of roughneck Troopers by drawing paths as in many popular line drawing games. The Troopers, armed with various weapons such as minigun, shotgun and bazooka, fire at the charging aliens automatically like turrets in a tower defense game.

If the action feels like it's about to overheat, the player can pause the game end enter the Tactical Mode. In Tactical Mode the player can issue carefully planned orders with no time pressure.

Boom Brigade 2 features a hefty campaign consisting of 30 missions, during which the five Trooper types unlock five weapon upgrades each. In addition, the game features survival game modes with Game Center highscores for lasting replay value.


  • Tower defense and line drawing hybrid gameplay
  • Single player campaign with three ten level chapters
  • Five Trooper types
  • Five weapon upgrades per Trooper
  • Nine powerups including Alien Pet and Artillery Strike
  • Six alien species and countless subspecies with unique properties
  • Tactical Mode for pausing the action and issuing orders
  • Survival game modes
  • Game Center achievements and highscores

Boom Brigade 2 is now available on the iTunes App Store. The list price is EUR 3.99 / USD 4.99.


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About 10tons: 10tons Ltd is a Finnish game development studio founded in 2003. 10tons is known for supporting numerous platforms including iOS, Windows, OSX, Android, Symbian, bada and webOS. 10tons has released more than twenty games, including Swingworm, Joining Hands, Sparkle and Azkend. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter at @10tonsLtd or visit 10tons' Facebook page at

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Jaakko Maaniemi, PR Coordinator, 10tons Ltd.

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