10tons' Puzkend Teasing Brains on Five More Platforms

Tampere, Finland, July 18th 2012 Finnish game developer 10tons Ltd is launching its' latest puzzle game Puzkend on five additional platforms. Previously available only for iOS devices, Puzkend is now available for Android, bada, webOS and Symbian S^3. Mac OSX version will be available soon.

Puzkend is a match-3 puzzle game spun off from the hit game Azkend 2: The World Beneath. Featuring 244 levels with varying difficulty, Puzkend takes place in the same underground world that fascinated players in Azkend 2. The levels are completed by clearing the game board by matching three or more like items.

Puzkend has no time limits and features an unlimited undo feature, allowing the player to casually experiment without pressure to find the correct sequence of matches.

Puzkend for Android in Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.the10tons.puzkend

Puzkend for Amazon Kindle Fire: http://www.amazon.com/10tons-Ltd-Puzkend/dp/B008KHDN1I/

Puzkend for bada in Samsung Apps: http://www.samsungapps.com/topApps/topAppsDetail.as?productId=G00008252789&listYN=Y

Puzkend for webOS https://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.10tons.puzkend

Puzkend Symbian^3 http://store.ovi.com/content/291118

In addition, Puzkend will be available for OSX in the Mac App Store soon and is also scheduled for release on the Blackberry Playbook.


For more information, download codes and interview requests:
Jaakko Maaniemi, PR Coordinator, 10tons Ltd.

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