MythPeople Releases Profitville

TAMPERE, FINLAND - MAY 09, 2007 - MythPeople has released a new game called "Profitville"?. It has an original game mechanic which should provide hours of fun for anyone. The main goal is to pack items in to corresponding boxes and use different tools and power ups to make maximum profit. The game has a story mode with normal and expert difficulties, and a survival mode for those who want a challenge.

Profitville is initially distributed as an RealArcade exclusive and it will be available on other sites later on.

MythPeople is a game studio developing casual games. Previous games include Sparkle, Abundante!, Karu, Bubblefish Bob and Ice Breaker. The main goal of MythPeople is to offer top-quality games and achieve great playability, stunning visuals, awesome sounds, entertaining music and most of all - pure fun.

RealArcade is the leading casual games distributor with 8.8 million unique players worldwide on the Real family of websites (,,, and and 40 million unique players worldwide through their distribution network, including websites like MSN Games, Yahoo! Games, and AOL. There are 11.8 million game downloads each month on average.

Profitville can be downloaded from here:



For more information, download codes and interview requests:
Jaakko Maaniemi, PR Coordinator, 10tons Ltd.

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